Habitat Cafe to Kick Off Strategic Planning Process

February 4, 2016 | Leave a reply

We are excited to announce that this coming Monday, February 8, we will be hosting our very first Habitat Café to kick off our strategic planning process!  The Café invites members of the public to present their thoughts and ideas to board and staff members on what they think might be the best direction for us in the coming years. Habitat Café uses the World Café method in which attendees are placed into small groups and discuss several different questions.  The questions that are asked are designed to stimulate insight into how members of the public perceive our role in the community, as well as the future direction they think we should take.  Big strategy questions are asked, and similar themes often emerge among the different groups.  It is through these themes that we hope to create a well-versed strategic plan for our organization.  “We want to get big picture ideas on Habitat’s future,” executive director Christine Schudde said when asked what her hopes were for the Cafe.   “We want our focus to be on figuring out the identity of our organization, and the role we play in the community.  Through this, we can better determine the best mix of […]

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ReStore Sales Reach $1 Million for Year

December 23, 2015 | Leave a reply

In 2013, our ReStore moved into its new space on Fuller Road. It was a big move for us but very exciting. When we moved in, we said we were going to raise a million dollar in the new space (Check out the 2013 article from the Albany Business Review). This year, we are proud to say that we did it! We decided to ask our ReStore Manager, Dave, some questions about this huge milestone.  How did the accomplishment happen? “The number one reason we reached the million dollar mark is the dedication of our staff.  We have been growing at an exponential rate over the last three years, which has been very exciting but has also required a lot of hard work and flexibility on the part of our staff.  They have stayed true to our mission through so many transitions and so much uncertainty.  I can honestly say, we couldn’t have done it without them!”  Who helped us accomplish this? “Besides our incredible staff, we have to thank our donors, our customers, and our volunteers.  We are absolutely overwhelmed by the on-going generosity of our donors, who continue to gift us the most incredible items day after day.  Our loyal customers […]

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Habitat Celebrates and Announces New Projects

December 16, 2015 | Leave a reply

In case you did not know, we were pretty busy this past week. While enjoying the warmer winter weather, we had two great events in Albany. We celebrated our fourteen homes on Sheridan Avenue. We also held a press conference with the Albany County Land Bank to announce our partnership to rehab five homes. Both these events highlighted some of the exciting things we are working on in the community.    Our first fourteen homes in Albany’s Sheridan Hollow neighborhood are almost done. We wanted to celebrate with our new homeowners before the holiday season and We invited all our supporters, partners, local elected officials, friends and homeowners together to celebrate the significance of this accomplishment. We had some great speakers at the event, including Charles Touhey of the Touhey Homeownership Foundation, Albany County Executive Daniel McCoy and City of Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan. “Creating those places where families can thrive is something that Habitat is committed to because it’s about more than just a home,” Mayor Sheehan said. “It’s about providing that environment, that investment that demonstrates that we as a community care, that we understand the importance of having a home.” We were also fortunate to hear from two of our Sheridan Hollow homeowners, Ethel and Rushel. They […]

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Our Americorps NCCC Team Leader Kim Shares her story on her Habitat experience

October 29, 2015 | Leave a reply

For the past couple months, we’ve had the pleasure to have the Raven 2 AmeriCorps NCCC team working on our Sheridan Hollow construction site. They are a fantastic contribution to our team, and we appreciate all of their hard work. We asked Kim, the team leader, to share her story on her experience working with us.  “When I first learned that I would be in Albany serving with Habitat for Humanity, I envisioned the team working on one house from the ground up. I was excited to learn all that was going to go into the house. I soon learned that there would be many houses that we would be working on. Our project consists of many row houses in Sheridan Hollow. Why row houses? When you move into a new community you want to fit in, this includes your new home. Habitat has acknowledged this and has been able to accommodate for it. Our first few days we learned a lot about Habitat. One misconception that I had was that the houses built are given away to families, I learned that this is not the case. Families buy their Habitat homes at the price it costs to build their home. In […]

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Today is World Habitat Day

October 5, 2015 | Leave a reply

On World Habitat Day, the first Monday of October, Habitat for Humanity joins the United Nations and organizations around the world in raising awareness, educating and mobilizing individuals and communities to take action on the current global housing crisis. Housing is central to ending the cycle of poverty. We want to see a world where everyone has a decent place to live, and so, on World Habitat Day, we call for programs, policies and systems that would make that world possible. Habitat for Humanity International helps a family in need of better housing every 4 minutes. Since 1976, the 1400 communities Habitat is in has helped more than 5 million people with the support of about 2 million volunteers a year. Here in the Capital District, we have help over 100 families obtain an affordable and decent home.  Read more about World Habitat Day, the need to raise awareness for global housing and efforts being done around the world.  You can help build adequate housing right here in the Capital District by signing up to volunteer or donating today.

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